If you’re reading this page, it’s fair to say that you are either already a local agency owner, or you’re someone looking to start an agency from home.

Therefore, it’s very likely a huge goal of yours is to have an ultra-successful local agency that allows you and your family to have the lifestyle you want.

Also, there’s a very good chance you’ve invested in one or more of our courses…

However, will the different SociMasters strategies we introduced to you still work during these strange times?

Let’s go through them, one by one:

1) CheckIn Socimasters – This strategy is all about using the power of Facebook check-ins to create word-of-mouth, viral traffic to local restaurants (plus it can be used for other local niches).

The problem in our new COVID-19 world is that people are stuck indoors. So how can a business benefit from check-ins when no one is visiting businesses?

It’s actually very simple. People can still be incentivised to check in, even when they are not physically going to a business location.

For example, during this crisis, let’s say a restaurant has switched to 100% home delivery. You can set up a “check-in contest” for them whereby anyone who orders home delivery and checks into the business location on Facebook will get entered into a weekly/monthly contest to win a prize.

The effect is the same. All of their friends see they’ve checked in, and are recommending this restaurant, which means online exposure for the business that gets them more customers.


2) Viral SociMasters – This strategy is all about creating ‘viral events’ for restaurants on Facebook (again, this works in other local niches too).

So, for example, a Mexican restaurant can have a ‘Taco Tuesdays’ where all Tacos are half price. People love to say that they were at an event, and love showing off about it on social media.

Again, it’s easy to think this strategy can’t work now because people aren’t able to go out and attend events.

But, just like the check-in strategy, it’s SO easy to translate this to online events.

Using the above Mexican restaurant example, there’s nothing to stop you changing the event to a ‘Taco Tuesday Takeout’ event…in fact, you could get creative and get people to share photos of themselves enjoying their tacos at home!


3) Local Coupon Formula – This strategy shows you how to create ‘digital coupons’ for local businesses, so they get a ton of new customers coming through their doors.

Just like yesterday, it’s easy to think that this strategy can no longer work when people are confined to their homes.

But this strategy can easily be translated to the online world.

For example, let’s say that you run digital coupons for a restaurant client, where you entice people to book a table to celebrate their birthdays with a special deal…

So long as this restaurant can do home deliveries, all you have to do is slightly amend the coupons to show that people can still celebrate their birthdays and get a special offer, but just dine at home instead.


4) Restaurant SociGraphics – This strategy is all about handling and automating a restaurant’s social media presence, so they get more exposure online which translates to more customers through their doors.

As above, just because people aren’t able to visit restaurants does not mean a restaurant should sit back and stop posting on social media.

In fact, NOW is the time they should be posting MORE!

Because, if they are set up for home delivery, now is the time they need to be all over social media letting their customers know they don’t need to miss their wonderful food…they can simply dine at home.

Again, all you need to do to adapt this strategy is to slightly amend your graphical posts to mention home delivery.

AND, if a particular restaurant isn’t set up for home delivery, we launched our Restaurant Delivery course last week where we show you how to set up delivery for these desperate restaurants who will surely go out of business otherwise.


I hope you can see that, despite the weird times we find ourselves in, with a little bit of creative thinking, we can still help local businesses survive and thrive…

Not only that, your ambitions as a local agency owner can also survive and thrive during this uncertain time.


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