Moto Theme 4.0 is a best-selling local website building platform.

Imagine being able to instantly create fresh, beautiful local websites…

Without you knowing a single thing about code, OR you having to pay an expensive web designer…

Which means local businesses are delighted to hand over to you $2K+ per site.

Here’s what you get:

  • 300 stunning, professional sites
  • Every site fully optimized for SEO
  • Every site fully mobile responsive
  • One-click installation

In other words, within minutes, you can create gorgeous local websites that local businesses would be glad to pay you $2K+….with zero tech skills or experience.

How Can I Make Money With Moto Theme 4.0?

Many local businesses are in dire need of help from social media consultants…

However, convincing them that they need your services can be difficult, as many of them just don’t understand a lot of services, such as paid ads, social media etc.

However, when you offer them sleek, stunning websites – now THAT is something they understand (and want) immediately…

In fact, most local businesses will happily pay at least $2000 for an SEO-optimized, fully responsive site.

However, to offer this service, you needed to be a gifted programmer, or you would have to pay heavy fees to a web designer, which eats into your profits…

Until now…

What the SociMasters girls love about Moto Theme 4.0:

  • Moto Theme 4.0 is the perfect client-generation toolImagine being able to send stunning, professional ‘dummy’ websites to local businesses, showing off your capabilities has an awesome website designer…That’s what you can do with Moto Theme 4.0. Inside, there are over 300, fully optimized, mobile responsive websites, in niches such as locksmith, cafe, beauty salon, accountant, lawyer, fast food, vets, restaurant, driving school, spa, dentist, bakery and more.Each one you can easily create inside a simple, drag and drop interface, with no tech skills required.

    These beautiful websites do the selling for you …perfect if you’re just starting out and have no clients.

  • Moto Theme 4.0 allows you to customize each website like a pro-developerOne of the best things about Moto Theme 4.0 is that the creators have created hundreds of shortcodes, for in-demand things like contact forms, google maps, pricing table, countdown timers, tables… in fact, pretty much anything a local business owner could ask to have on their website.Now you can wow local businesses, by incorporating anything they want into a customized website, without knowing a thing about coding (or hiring an expensive designer)… it’s as simple as copying and pasting in the relevant shortcodes.
  • Moto Theme 4.0 installs with just one clickOnce you have created the perfect customized website for a local business, you can install it on their server with just one click – again, no tech skills required and no IT technician to pay.


Click here to see Moto Theme 4.0 in action


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