PPC Kit is a cutting-edge ‘wizard’ software that allows even a complete technophobe to create traffic pulling Google Ads for local businesses.

Local business owners are very aware that Google is ‘king’ when it comes to search. If their potential customers can’t find them on Google, then it’s going to be game over for them when it comes to staying in business.

When you can create traffic-pulling Google Ads, you have the power to demand a ton of money from local businesses…

However, if you’re like most people (and most local business owners), Google Ads can be very technical and scary (it’s easy to lose a ton of money!)

Until now…

How Can I Make Money With PPC Kit?

Local businesses will happily pay $2,500 set up fee, and then $500/month for a Google Ads expert to run ads that bring them new customers… this is an extremely high ‘perceived value’ service because of how technical it is…

But now, PPC Kit allows you to offer this high value service, without you needing an IT qualification.

It’s simple ‘wizard’ interface allows you to create traffic-generating ads in under 2 minutes flat.

Now even newbies can look like Google Ad Experts in front of local businesses!

What the SociMasters girls love about PPC Kit:

  • PPC Kit allows anyone to offer a highly sought-after technical service, without needing any technical skills

Even if you’ve never run a Google Ad in your life, this software is so user-friendly, it will take just a couple of minutes to set up great Google PPC Ads.

And, as the creator, David Cassar, is a Certified Google Partner, he’s made sure that PPC Kit is built with Google’s best practices in mind, to ensure your campaign structure is set up exactly the way it should be…

This allows you to get 10/10 quality score inside Google ads, something that normally only Google Ad experts can achieve

  • PPC Kit drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to correctly set up Google Ads

It takes an average of 8-15 hours to set up a properly structured PPC campaign with hundreds of ad groups. If you’re already offering Google Ads services currently to local clients, you’ve now just reduced your workload from several hours to minutes.

And, if you outsource out the work to a freelancer, you can now fire them, because you can do their job in 2 minutes!

  • PPC Kit Special Offer For SociMasters Members – Get ‘grandfathered’ in at a ‘founding members’ rate

There are a couple of other software platforms out there that attempt to automate Google Ads (although, in our opinion, they don’t come close to PPC Kit for breadth of features and user-friendliness) and they charge their users $97-197/month for access.

PPC Kit will also be offered at $97/month very soon. But, as you are part of our SociMasters tribe, David (the creator) has agreed to allow you access at a drastically reduced rate of $47/year.

Not only that, you will be ‘grandfathered’ in at this super-low ‘founding members’ rate, which means no matter what other people pay in the future, no matter how many new updates and features are added, you will only ever pay $47/year.


As explained above, this is a special offer only for SociMasters members. So don’t pay $97/month like the rest of the public because, if you hurry, you can get access for an ultra-low $47/year – click here to see the software in action


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