Client testimonials are a very effective way to help you establish your social proof, which helps you get even more local clients, build a more loyal following, and just general monetization. So here’s how to use client testimonials to gain more clients.

When visitors see testimonials, it really boosts the trust factor. And it can vouch for the effectiveness of your services.

People talk and word of mouth can easily spread around, so if people are saying positive things about you, it’s going to encourage more people to connect with you, join your email list, or want to buy your services.

2 different types of testimonials.

Written – If you’re going for a written testimonial, make sure you add the person’s photo next to their testimonial on your website. This is the most effective thing that you can do in order to increase your conversions.

Video – Video testimonials are very powerful and bring the game to another level. This is because you can actually tell it’s not scripted, you can sense how the person’s really feeling, and people get a more intense connection through video.

Viewers can also get an idea of the personality that’s shining through, and the passion and enthusiasm that a person feels.

Keep in mind that video is the easiest medium for the human brain to digest.

You’re going to get better results if the testimonials are genuine and not pre-written for them. Everything should be completely honest, original, and legitimate.

So when a prospect comes to your website, these testimonials are going to make a difference in their mind when choosing between you or somebody else.

So how do you get testimonials?

A lot of people dislike testimonials because they feel uncomfortable asking for them. Here’s the thing to remember. If you can’t ask for a testimonial from a great client, then you can’t ask for a referral.

So, to help you out, we’re going to give you a little script to use when you ask for a testimonial.

However, first things first. Timing is everything. So let’s cover when you should ask for a testimonial.

You ask for it at a time when your client is very happy with something you’ve accomplished for them.

You’ve got them a great result, you’ve increased their profits, you’ve got them exposure in the local market… something that’s helped them in their business.

This is the perfect time to ask for a testimonial. Here’s a general idea of what to say (by all means, adjust and amend to suit your own personality):

“Mr. Smith, I’m so honored that you would call to give me that feedback. I’m grateful for your business, and I want to thank you.

I’d like to ask you, if it wouldn’t be too uncomfortable, would you mind just jotting down a few of the things you just told me? Just put it on your letterhead and drop it in the mail, or drop it in an email.

If you don’t want to do that, why don’t you come by the office and we can go to lunch, and before we go, I’ll turn on my phone and you can just say some of the things you said in the phone call to me on a video, and we can use it on our website, so I can show it to other clients and prospective clients because that would really help me out a lot.

It would be a big favor to me.”

The key here is to take advantage of a compliment and simply ask them to note it down. In case it’s not a business to business situation, they can write it by hand.

You can copy it, scan it, put it in what’s called a brag book, which is a book that has a compilation of all your testimonials. This might even make them look more authentic.

Every time you meet with an existing client, and they happen to be dressed up because of work. Compliment them and ask them for a testimonial.

The key is to use the phrase “I’d like you to do me a favor.” or “Would you mind doing me a favor?”, “Would you please do me a favor?” If you say it like that, a good client is hardly ever going to refuse you.

“I’d love to get you on video talking about the last deal we did together and your honest impressions. I know it’s going to represent you well, and it would be a fantastic favor for me. I would really appreciate it.”

A neat trick for getting written testimonials is just saying “Can I quote you on that?” right after you hear them saying something positive about your services.

It’s casual, it’s funny and a smooth intro where you can explain why would it be helpful to you and your business.

A second way to get testimonials – hold a contest.

For example, you can ask them to write something on your Facebook wall or send you an email testimonial, or a video testimonial etc.

Then, of course, you offer a reward and a chance to win.

How To Use Client Testimonials

People love contests like this. It’s fun and a great way to show activity, build buzz and engagement around your brand online.

Make sure to include a video or text testimonial in that contest. As for the rules, you can have 1 or 2 points for a written testimonial and 5 points for a video testimonial, for example.

It’s an easy way to get testimonials and social proof to kickstart your business.

Lead Magnet testimonials.

You may be offering value in exchange for a visitors’ email address on your website. This is called a “lead magnet” where you are collecting visitors emails, which we definitely recommend as a client generation exercise. Here’s how to get testimonials for your lead magnet.

Simply follow up with a personal email a few days after a visitor has received your lead magnet. You can write something along these lines:

“Hey Kate, I noticed you downloaded my ebook. Would you do me a quick favor? In case you had the chance to read it, would you mind giving me your honest feedback, or any aha moments you might’ve had while reading my ebook?

This really helps me improve my business and I would greatly appreciate it. I aim to deliver only the highest value and content for my clients, so please let me know if you have a minute.”

3 times when you should use your testimonials…

1. Every time you send something to a prospective client, such as a proposal.  Include testimonials in your message.

2. Before every meeting in person. Be sure you send a bunch of your testimonials in advance. Include written testimonials and links to video testimonials as well.

This will show them that you’ve got a whole army of people who are supportive of you and your work.

3. After each signed agreement . This is the perfect time to send out a third wave of testimonials. This serves as a reinforcement that they’ve made a good decision, and it prevents buyer’s remorse.

Be sure to post your testimonials on your business website, as well as on your Social Media platforms. It will reinforce the credibility that you have with people in your industry and in your profession.


Testimonials can really be your best marketing friend and the best sales tool in your arsenal. And, as you can see, getting feedback is not that difficult. Just make sure you never ever fake it, and use the key times mentioned above to greatly increase the chances of you getting great testimonials.


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