This is going to be a video training on how to prospect to small business owners.

One of the biggest problems we see with our students is not being able to grow fast and the reason for that is not planning and setting aside the time to prospect.  Prospecting has to be a day to day practice.

prospect to small business owner
prospect to the small business owner

Keep this in mind, if you prospect to 5 businesses daily, in 1 week, you will prospect 25 businesses, and in 30 days (excluding weekends) you are looking at 100-120 prospects. If you close just 30%, you can have a full blown agency within 30-60 days.

So watch this video on how to prospect to small business owners.

Remember what Alicia said. When a customer says NO,  it does not mean ‘NO’ when you are prospecting to small businesses.  It just means NO right now.

Keep in mind, you do not have to pitch all the time. Keep in mind business owners can be really busy so getting them to commit to a meeting is hard… BUT why not just say, hey,  I’m going to the printer for another business owner and I’m about to get their stuff printed so you want me to get your stuff printed too.

If we can leave you with something is this:

Set the GOALS!


Set time aside each day to prospect.

No need to pitch each time!

Get used to getting a NO and remember it just means NO right now.

Get over the fear of rejection.

Thanks for watching this tutorial on how to prospect to small business owners. Keep on pushing and see you at the top.



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