Approaching clients on social media is a delicate game and needs to be done in a subtle and somewhat calculated manner so they don’t run away like spooked birds.

You don’t want to spam people and just slam their inbox with messages such as “Hey, I think your ads could use some work. I don’t think it’s very good. I think I could do a better job. Let me rewrite that for you.”

You don’t want to jump at them like that or you’ll be done before you even got started. This is a very difficult way of getting clients. It might work in 1 out of 50, but the rest of the people you contact in such a manner will block you when they could be your future clients.

1. Location

how to approach clients

Before you even start, make sure you are speaking to the correct group of people. To your target audience. This might seem obvious, but a lot of people miss this and waste energy.

First, find your ideal clients on LinkedIn, on Facebook groups, forums, find out the top

places where they hang out.

If you skip this step, no matter how great your content is, they won’t be able to see it!

2. Engagement

how to approach clients
how to approach clients

It doesn’t matter where you post it, FB groups, private messages, forums…the idea is to get their attention.

Business owners are bombarded with info from all sides with multiple social media platforms, emails and all the things they have on their plate on a day to day basis. And this is why writing up any ol’ content won’t have the desired effect. It’s not even about the quality of your content. It’s about how you present your content.

It’s possible to put out fantastic, great quality content and still only hear cricket feedback in return.

The key is to combine A + V + CTA = Attention + Value + Call to Action.

Always start with an attention-grabbing headline. It can be a joke, a surprising fact, a question or a story. After this, lead them straight to the value points.

And of course, end with a strong and clear call to action. It might sound funny but think of it as explaining something to little children. Ask them to answer a question, reply back, or go there and click here type of thing.

This will help them remember what you just shared.Be sure to keep your entire content easy to read and to the point. This is very important nowadays when people are busy with such short attention spans.

This will make you stand out much more when engaging prospects on social media.

3. Relationships

how to approach clients

The long term strategy is to build quality business relationships using social media. It’s about connecting, so it’s important to be consistent with your messages.

In case you are contacting them as a part of your FB group, for example, you can break the ice by coming up with a game where they need to guess the correct answer. Since it’s a game, the chances of them engaging are much higher right from the start.

It can be, of course, business-related, where you share 2-3 statements where one of them is false. They need to guess which one is the false one.  It’s engaging, fun and builds that connection.

If you have established your credibility and you already have a substantial amount of testimonials, then, by all means, include them in your private messages.

But what if you don’t? What if you are just starting out?

Here are 2 things you can do.

Number one – Offer value first and build a long-lasting relationship.

Give them an offer they can’t refuse. Make it performance-based. If they’re not happy with the results, they don’t have to pay you.

This removes all the risk from their playground and puts it all on you, which removes their barriers.

This is a great strategy to get your foot in the door.

In fact, in this scenario, you don’t even have to approach them with “Hey I can help you with this, I can help you with that…”. No, you can just do the work upfront and present it to hem.

“Hey, I saw your ad was not optimized so I rewrote it for you. Here you go.”  If such a thing as a positive slap in the face existed, this would be it. They will be positively shocked.

“Who are you?”, “How did you do that?”, “Can I hire you”. That’s what you can expect. Them chasing you, and not the other way around.

Get in the game. Get your foot in the door.  Provide value first.

Will it take up your time? Yes. You might not get paid? Sometimes. But other times you are going to get paid, and that’s your client + testimonial + referral.

Optimize your service production, so it takes you the least amount of time possible, while still providing a quality service.

Number two – ride along.

Find someone who already has the clientele that matches your ideal client base. You simply need to make sure that the service you are offering is complementary to what they are offering.

Let’s say you offer copywriting services, for example and you write ads for business owners, or copy for sales pages. What you can do is partner up with companies who create sales funnels for example. Or website designers.

They have clients that match your target audience. Go in and present your skills and make them available for their clients.

“If you have clients that need help with their ads or their sales copy, I can help with that.”

You are basically using their client base and credibility in a way that works for everyone involved. Triple win. You can calculate a deal where they get a percentage of your profit.

This is also a situation where you can take relevant white label product you own and simply use it to work under this companies brand if you wish to do so.

You’re getting experience and building your portfolio. Once you’ve done that, and you got your testimonials, it becomes much easier to get clients.

4. Be specific

Make sure that your content is related to what you do in your business, so that people know exactly who you help and what you help them with.

You can also search for keywords related to your services and engage with those posts by offering helpful tips.

People may contact you privately on their own and ask you about your business.

Answering those questions will spread the word because, chances are, they mingle in similar circles, and they may mention how you helped them when they see someone with a similar issue.

It’s quality over quantity.

Be specific and keep your focus on building real relationships. This will help you land your first or next client much easier than just throwing a bunch of posts out there for the sake of quantity.

So if you see someone asking questions about Facebook retargeting for example, you can message them, explain what you do and make sure they know you’re happy to help and answer any questions they may have.

Don’t try to sell anything, as this can be sensed from miles away. Simply offer value and a helping hand. Before you know it, they’ll be wanting to hire you.


It’s all about getting your foot in the door. Get in the game. Get your feet wet. Get clients. Build that portfolio. Gain experience. To become a master at what you do, you have to work with real clients.

These are 4 top tips on how to approach clients and get your foot in the door. Don’t skip over them as these tips will work really well for you, so long as you implement them.


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