Getting more customers is essential to any business. So here are the top 20 marketing activities you can do today that will do just that.

1. Narrow your niche

Knowing your niche goes a long way. A more customized bait will produce better results. You want to grab the attention of people who really want to see what you have to offer. 

2. Identify where your target market hangs out 

Try to put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes. Imagine where they might be spending their time. Whether it’s online or in-person, where might you find them, whether that’s on the internet or face-to-face?

3. Solve a problem

Instead of shouting “show me the money!!”, better results will come from concentrating on targeting your efforts towards solving a problem.

get more clients

This will help build trust and develop lasting relationships even with those prospects that don’t convert into clients straight away. This approach pays off big time in the long run. 

4. Free trial

If you are in a position where you can offer a free trial on a product or service you are offering then, by all means, take advantage of it. This is one case where the word “free” doesn’t devalue your offer.

And it’s precisely because of the word “trial” right next to it. You’ve immediately built a sense of scarcity and urgency because they are aware it’s a trial. 

This will push them to actually check out the offer because they know time is running out, and it will be a great way to segment people out and know exactly how to follow up later on.

5. Following up 

Speaking of following up, you want to always have a thank you message for buyers, and perhaps a follow-up question for non-action takers to help you better segment your future marketing efforts.

Just a little tweak could be all that’s required to turn those visitors into clients. 

6. Write blog posts

There’ nothing like free traffic! Which is exactly what regular blog posts can get you. Posting quality content regularly will result in organic traffic from Google (and YouTube if you include a video).

get more clients

Build your posts around solutions to your customer’s pain points.

7. Build an email list 

This segment of marketing is simply foolish to ignore. Promoting offers to a list of buyers can directly increase your bottom line. 

Have an opt-in form on your website in exchange for some form of value. Perhaps you can find groups on Facebook that are full of buyer traffic. Drive traffic to your opt-in forms.

Choose your autoresponder and send emails regularly to your audience. Make sure you build a relationship. Also, include your image, signature and business address at the bottom of every email. 

8. Create an FB group and post to it regularly

Facebook is a powerful marketing playing field and is never to be ignored. Your private FB group can create an inflow of new customers like no other marketing tool. 

Base it around a solution your brand solves. Wide enough to attract prospects, yet narrow enough to attract customers who would like to learn more. 

This will become a place where strategies and tips are exchanged, and a place where you build a base of loyal followers. 

9. Guest writing

Check out popular blogs, magazines and websites in your niche. Connect with their editors and owners, and ask if you could contribute with a guest blog post or an article.

get more clients
get more clients

Many will be happy to receive some fresh content for their sites. 

10. Start your video channel

Video is the easiest media for the human brain to process. This makes it the most popular one as well. Whatever your message is, chances are it will be easier to digest via video, if done correctly.

Create your YouTube channel and start publishing 1 video per week for your audience. Optimize your posts based on the topic and the terms used. Pay attention to your headline and relevant keywords.

This will expand your reach relevant to your niche. 

11. Share your video  

Put that video across your social accounts, up on your website, and on your conversion pages. This will work as your 24-hour salesman that drives customers through your sales funnel.

Additionally, this is a great way to get people to interact with your brand, especially if it’s you in front of the camera.

12. Optimize your website

SEO strategies are definitely something to look into. There’s no point in creating regular content if it doesn’t reach your target audience.

Use your headlines to grab visitors attention. Have a relevant keyword-rich text.  Be sure to optimize all of your posts and provide value throughout them. 

13. Social networking

First you need to find out where your ideal audience is mostly hanging out, and then take advantage of these networks to connect with them. 

Make sure you throw drops of info on a regular basis, but also be careful not to overdo it or you can come out as a spammer. Keep an eye out for any changes regarding marketing that affects your customers.

So, for example, if YouTube has a new feature, mention this in your Tweet to inform your audience. In other words, don’t just advertise your services straight up all the time… be sure to provide value regularly. 

14. Sponsoring

This means you pay for ads that are placed among other websites/blogs related to the services you offer. So when people search for those services and land on other pages, they will see ads that lead them to your business website. 

One of the most popular forms of this type of advertising is called “native ads” because it doesn’t disrupt the browsing experience (unlike pop-ups for example). 

They are usually placed as articles, publications or other formats that are “in tune” with the content of the page they appear in, and are labelled as ‘sponsored’.

15. Partnering up

It’s possible to find business partners who are not directly competing with you, but do share your target audience.

This is a great way to expand your reach. If you calculate a deal with them regarding a percentage of profits, everybody wins. 

You get more experience and clients, they get the profit percentage, and their client base gets services not offered before. 

16. Run Events

It doesn’t matter if you offer only digital services, hosting events is a great way to connect with local business owners and expand your brand awareness.

You can even think of it as a live lead magnet where you offer value and spark their interest for more. People will connect with you on a deeper level in person, and it’s a great opportunity to not only reach potential clients, but possible business partners as well. We have a full blog post on this right here.

17. Attend Events

This is even easier 🙂 simply look for local events of interest and sign up as a presenter. 

18. Create a network chart 

What you want to do here is sketch out people you know that are moving in areas where there are the highest needs for the services you offer.

This will point you in the right direction regarding whom you need to contact in order to reach the biggest targeted customer base. 

19. Expand your own network

It’s important to keep refreshing your existing list of leads. Grow your network

20. Run retargeting ads 

Statistically, 97% of people that visit your site for the first time are not going to take the action that you desire for them to take. They’re not gonna buy, they’re not gonna fill out a form, they’re not gonna interact with your business.

On average, it takes about seven times for a consumer to see your brand, your logo, or a business asset of yours, before they trust you enough to give you their information, or take the action that you want.

By investing in retargeting and building that list, you can assure that you are bringing people back to your website, and increasing your value.


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