Mapify360 is a revolutionary new software that allows you to find local businesses in any area that have unclaimed or unoptimized Google Maps listings.

This is an untapped source of local clients who desperately need your help to pull in traffic and leads from Google Maps. But finding these businesses was like
finding a needle in a haystack…

Until now!

How Can I Make Money With Mapify36?

Despite 97% of people using Google to find local goods and services, 30% of local businesses still haven’t claimed their Google Maps listing.

Local businesses know that their customers are on Google, and would be grateful to anyone who can help them utilize Google to bring them more customers. Expect them to pay anywhere from $400 to $2500 for you to claim and optimize their listings for them!

What the SociMasters girls love about Mapify360:

  • Mapify360 allows you to find local businesses with unclaimed or unoptimized listings with just a few mouse clicks

Before Mapify360, you would have to search inside Google Maps itself, and take hours going through each listing…

What used to take hours now takes mere seconds. Just type in the area, zip code or postcode, and then type in the niche of local businesses you want e.g. pizza restaurants in the Queens area of New York.

Within seconds you can clearly see a list of restaurants that either have unclaimed Google Maps listings, or unoptimized listings, it’s that easy. If you normally class yourself as a technophobe, you’ll be surprised at how simple this is.

  • Mapify360 generates a professional PDF optimization report to use as an awesome prospecting tool

With just a click, Mapify360 will create a professional report highlighting exactly what is wrong with a current Google Maps listing, perfect for you to send to the local business in question to highlight what you can fix for them.

Not only that, the software will also create proven, done-for-you emails to send with the report, so that local businesses call you – perfect for newbies, and those who hate cold calling!

  • Mapify360 Special Offer For SociMasters Members – Exclusive discount till MIDNIGHT Friday 28th June

As always, we want to get you the best deal. So we’ve asked the creators of Mapify360 to give us an exclusive discount. This is a special offer only for SociMasters members

Click Here To See Mapify360 In Action.


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