Voicemails can be one of the most frustrating things when contacting local business owners. Everyone is in a search for a script for voicemail that can get you callbacks. So here is how to script your voicemail message.

Stop living in ‘Voicemailville’

Quite often, when calling local business owners, you end up leaving voicemail after voicemail after voicemail…pretty soon you feel like you’re living in Voicemailville!
This can actually take a substantial chunk out of your work week. And, when an actual live human being picks up the phone, it’s easy to get overexcited and end up losing the deal.

Leaving an effective sales prospecting voicemail is an overlooked art form. How you approach this task can make all the difference in your callback rate.

Think about an actual business call with a prospect…You would pay attention to your tone, the words, the steps in the process…You’re basically following a map or a script, instead of just blindly sailing into the sea.

These factors are just as critical when you approach your voicemails. You want to have a great script that conveys the message you want to get across. So here’s our 4 step tutorial to leaving great voicemails that get prospects calling you back.

1. Keep it short and to the point

You’re contacting local business owners. They’re busy most, if not all, of the time. How will it make them feel to receive a voicemail that takes them forever to listen to? Frustrated!

And one of the most frustrating things is finding out there is no value for them after going through a 2-minute voicemail. Not only that, the next time they’re on a call with whoever left that voicemail, all they’ll be thinking is “oh God, you’re the author of that 2-minute worthless time-wasting voicemail.”

Therefore, keep your voicemail message short and to the point. If it’s over 20 seconds long, go back to the drawing board and refine it. We’re not Vin Diesel here collecting 10-second cars, but if you can get it to 10 seconds or less, even better.

2. Do NOT give out your contact information

Say what? Yes, this might come out as shocking to you. But think about it from the business owners perspective. This is what they hear over and over again.

“Hey John this is David from Social Media Experts, and I help businesses with…”

“Hey John this is Christine from Social Media Giants, and I help local businesses…”
and again and again and again, every single day. The point being, there are hundreds of thousands of sales reps leaving almost identical voicemails.

Psychology teaches us that the human brain is conditioned to recognize this pattern, and as soon as they hear a name and the business name, they know there’s a sales pitch coming and they hang up. Prospect lost.

So don’t start your voicemail in this manner, and hold your contact information, specifically your company name, until the end of your voicemail.

3. Be authentic

Adding on to the previous tip, be different when leaving your voicemail. The idea is to show them that you actually know and care about what you’re calling about. Have intention in your call, and personalize your voicemail.

Even over a voicemail, people can sense when someone is being fake. You can hear a lot of advice being shared on being enthusiastic. This is great if you really are, but even better than being enthusiastic is being authentic. If they get an impression of anything being fake, they’ll feel like you’re just another salesmen trying to sell them something and they’re gone.

Think of it this way; you care for their business… So how would you leave a voicemail for your best friend you also care about? What would be the most natural way for you to do it? Friendly and professional. That’s how to go about it and that’s what will make them listen to voicemail.

4. Speak clearly and with confidence

script for voicemail
script for voicemail

As a general rule, think of the entire “feeling” of your voicemail as a handshake. Firm and concrete. Nothing crazy or nervous. Talk so that it’s easy to understand what you’re saying. Don’t rush through it so you hit that 10-second mark…that’s not the goal.

You believe in your service and solutions, correct? So present them in this way by talking in a confident manner. Think to yourself, “Yes I know this will help them.”

Also, keep in mind, there are a lot of local businesses out there and you don’t necessarily need 108 businesses asking you to build them a new website in 2 weeks. It’s not like you’re begging them to call you back, so there’s no need to sound like that.

Once you get to the end of your voicemail, now is the time to leave your name and number and repeat it. We’ve already mentioned why you don’t want to do this at the beginning of your voicemail, but now is the time to put it in there.

You don’t want business owners falling over their desk while rushing to look for a pen and paper because they couldn’t catch what you said, and then play the entire message all over again. Imagine them writing down your phone number as if they are standing in front of you. Go slow, say 3 numbers, pause and continue.

Make sure you repeat your number while speaking concisely, so you don’t inhibit your prospect in calling you back.

Some extra tips to use in your script for voicemail:

  1. Mention the “pain point”

    This means the problem in their business you are solving. Mention this right at the start. This is the point of your call so go right to it. Because this is what will immediately grab their attention and make them willing to listen to your voicemail. This bridges the gap between the buyer and the seller.
  2. Mention their competitors

    This will show the business owner that you are aware of other top players and that you understand their market. If you’ve worked with their competitors before, be sure to mention this and the pain points you solved. You want them to think “Hmm, these guys know what they’re doing.”
  3. Multiple “attack”

    In addition to voicemails, use emails, Social Media, and more voicemails. The benefits of this is two-fold. First, it’s a great “opener” – “Hey Karen, I left you an email earlier regarding…” and then mention a pain point. Second, it’s a great piece of content for your voicemail because you are building a story and connecting the dots – “Oh okay, that was the email, this is the voicemail from that same person…”. You’re also making yourself stand out a bit and portraying yourself as a human being.
  4. Cluster it all together.

    Make contact with your prospect around the same time, so it makes it virtually impossible for them to miss your message.
Start using our tips today, and you’ll find that getting a callback is easy, when you have a proven script for voicemail success.


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