These are strange times we’re all going through…a time of uncertainty, anxiety and panic.

We’re all feeling it…

However, what’s helping is that all of us here at SociMasters have worked online for many years, so staying at home is not something new for us…

But we understand for many people, being stuck at home can cause major issues, such as cabin fever, depression, getting irate at family members because of spending extended amounts of time with them, anxiety etc.

So we’ve put together 4 tips on ‘how to stay sane’ during these extremely weird times:

1) Get up, Get Showered, Get Dressed

You might think that, as you’re not leaving the house, you can just sit there in your pyjamas, not bother with having a shower etc.

Well, you can. But I promise you, you won’t feel very good about yourself. Breaking routines can really affect your mental health negatively.

Right now is NOT the time to be breaking routines. So get up at a reasonable hour, make your bed, have a shower, and get dressed as if you’re about to seize the day.

2) Think Of What You Are Grateful For Today

This is something that comes from Ivana, who actually writes everything she’s grateful for in her ‘gratitude journal.’

When life is uncertain, it’s easy to fall into a negative pattern of thinking (scientists have a name for it – catastrophic thinking).

This negative thinking affects your mental health, as well as your loved ones.

Think of what you are grateful for right now, despite what’s happening in the world.

For example, I’m grateful that I have a comfortable home, clean sanitized water that comes directly to my taps, dependable electricity and heating, and a country with civil liberties that many countries don’t have.

Think of people in other parts of the world who are going through the same worry and panic because of COVID-19, but they have no warm shelter, no access to clean water, medical supplies etc. It certainly makes you realize how lucky we actually are!

3) Exercise (Especially When You Don’t Feel Like It)

If you’re feeling anxious, worried or depressed right now, exercise might be the last thing you want to do. But trust me, it’s the absolute best thing for you.

Even mild exercise releases chemicals called endorphins in the brain, which trigger positive feelings, similar to that of morphine.

When you DON’T feel like working out is exactly when you MUST work out…that’s your brain telling you you’re in a negative slump and need a big dose of positivity.

If you’re in self-isolation, and can’t go out for a walk or run, you’ll be amazed how many full length exercise videos are on YouTube.

Simply type in the kind of workout you want (e.g. strength training, cardio, yoga etc), then click on ‘Filter’ and under ‘Duration’ click on ‘Long (> 20 minutes)’…

Now you’ll have all the videos that are full workouts of 20 minutes or more.

4) Use This Down-Time To Work Towards Your Life Goals

Chances are, you’re going to have a lot of spare time over the next few weeks, or even months, stuck at home…

You can make the decision right now whether, after this isolation, you will have fallen behind on reaching your goals, or you’ve made big strides towards your goals.

You’re part of the SociMasters tribe, so you’re either already a local agency owner, or someone looking to start an agency from home.

Therefore, it’s very likely a huge goal of yours is to have an ultra-successful local agency that allows you and your family to have the lifestyle you want.

I bet, just like me, you have various courses and training that you’ve been meaning to complete, but life has been getting in the way.

While you’re being forced to stay at home, now is the PERFECT time to catch up on essential learning and upskill yourself, so you’re using this time to get closer to your goal of owning a successful agency…

While others are binge-watching on the latest Netflix series, you could be taking massive strides in your learning so that, when this is all over, you’re in the best shape of your life to achieve your goal.

Chances are you’ve bought one or more SociMasters courses. If you haven’t had the chance to complete a course, DO IT NOW, while you have this down-time.

Local businesses are going to need you when this is all over, so you wouldn’t be just helping yourself reach your goals, you’ll be helping your local communities recover from this crisis too.


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